C.V. / Resume

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Simon Batt

Email: simon [at] sebatt [dot] com


I am an indie author and freelance writer with a degree in Computer Science, currently working on freelance jobs around the world. I have a portfolio of professional freelance work currently published across the web, ranging from humorous factual anecdotes to business-related advice.


All of my online work can be found on my personal portfolio at www.sebattwriter.co.uk,  which displays the different articles I can write. This includes copywriting, technical writing, and entertainment writing samples and articles. Some pieces require a .pdf download.


  • Fast and efficient writer – can produce up to 2,000 words a day.
  • Good at self-editing – my role requires I put as little strain on editors as possible and ensure my work is error-free before leaving the door.
  • Meets deadlines – both self-imposed and set by editors and anthology calls.
  • Experience with WordPress with my blog at http://www.sebatt.com, which acquires many unique visitors a month from around the world.
  • Good interpersonal skills, proven with pitching work to editors and negotiating what they want from a piece.
  • Thick-skinned when it comes to critique, as I take on board all criticisms editors give me and hone my work to match their needs, rather than allowing an ego to get in the way of my work.
  • Skilled at research, proven both in my University course and with several professional articles I have written needing proper, rigorously-checked sources.
  • Able to adapt to new skills – for my non-fiction writing, I’ve had to teach myself how to effectively pitch an article to editors, and how to adapt to their guidelines and edit requests. For my indie publishing career, I have taught myself graphics design for book covers using Photoshop, as well as copywriting for blurbs and marketing.


  • A 2:1 degree in Computer Science, in which I had to write a professional-quality thesis, which totalled 168 pages.
  • Over 20 published pieces of work on Amazon and Smashwords.
  • Fiction-based acceptances in various anthologies and magazines.
  • Non-fiction based work published on many sites across the internet.


  • 5+ years of article and blog writing experience for clients around the world.
  • 3+ years of copywriting experience for a few repeat clients.
  • Performed copywriting and product writing for Grublin Games. This included writing descriptions for items, articles discussing products, and blog posts to help market the company and its upcoming games.
  • Currently undergoing experience in computer technology writing, including application reviews, tips for operating Windows, and technical support. These are published by the technology websites WorldStart, Make Tech Easier, and Beanz Magazine.
  • Experience with writing articles to help those writing fiction, both for the technical side of writing a story, and the motivational aspect of creating large projects such as novels. These were published by Vision for Writers Magazine, Author Magazine and Writer Advice.
  • Experience with writing articles to help other freelance writers. These include articles on how to find and handle editors, and what to expect from their careers. These were published by Funds For Writers and Writers Weekly.
  • Experience with writing general knowledge articles. These articles are purely informative, with the goal being to entertain people with interesting facts. These were published by Listverse and Toptenz.
  • Experience with ghostwriting medical product articles. This included taking the client’s products and putting them into a list of other well-performing entries to create a decisive resource for people with specific health problems.

Job History:

July 2012 – to date: Freelance writer and indie author, working under the name of S.E. Batt. Have produced several articles for different businesses around the world, wrote over one million words of fiction, and over 20 pieces uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords.

July 2008 – July 2012: Studied Computer Science at Nottingham Trent University in a four-year course, which included a one-year work experience in a video game development company called NerfGames.


Bachelor’s Degree: 2:1 degree in Computer Science from Nottingham Trent University.

Diploma: A diploma in Professional Practice as proof of a year-long work experience with NerfGames.