Grublin Games

“[Company Owner] Henry was really pleased with the film articles.

“Basically – that’s amazing!!! Perfect!””

~ Rosie, Head of Marketing at Grublin Games

Back in late 2015, I approached Grublin Games with an idea I was very excited about; the prospect of working with them to help write up product descriptions for their games. As a passionate games player, the idea with working with those who make and publish games was very exciting; when they got back to me with more and more work, you can imagine my surprise!

I then performed some copywriting for Grublin, helping them produce product descriptions and blog posts that help advertise their current and upcoming games. As such, I have a wide range of articles that I’ve written for Grublin, all of which were well-received by the editor and head of the company.

Product Descriptions

Waggle Dance, Cornish Smuggler and Terralith (PDF file)

For one assignment, I was tasked on updating the product description for three of Grublin Games’ existing products: Waggle Dance, Cornish Smuggler, and Terralith. Waggle Dance is a worker-placement board game focused around controlling a colony of bees. Cornish Smuggler is a strategic game of smuggling contraband into 16th Century Cornwall. Terralith are a range of specially-made metal die which look stylish, but don’t sacrifice form for function.

I was asked to update the old descriptions with my own writing, with set requirements that are listed within the PDF document alongside each entry.

Perfect Crime (Board Game Geek website)

This one was a little tricky! I had to write a product description for a game that hadn’t been released yet. The idea was that the game was about to go on the website ‘Kickstarter’, where people interested in Perfect Crime could pledge money towards a funding goal to help it get produced. The game itself had been finalised in terms of rules and gameplay, so it was up to me to craft a catchy product description for the game.

The end result can be seen on the official ‘Board Game Geek’ page for Perfect Crime. Board Game Geek is known as the number one website for board game enthusiasts, supplying reviews, news, and even player-made rules and assets, so it’s an honour to have my work up there for everyone to see! I gave Grublin Games a base product description for Perfect Crime with the limited information I had, which they took and refined with their knowledge on how the game prototype worked to craft the perfect description.

My writing can also be found in the very first paragraph of Perfect Crime’s campaign page, which ended up raising 165% of the funding requirement.

Blog Posts

Top 10 Heist Films, Heist Movie Genres, and Top 10 Real Heists (PDF File)

A little different than my usual assignments, this one asked for three articles, two of which were list-based. The goal of these heist-orientated articles was to help drum up interest and excitement for their game Perfect Crime, which was about to go up for funding on ‘Kickstarter’, a crowdfunding website.

Unlike the other blog posts which required me to research and analyse a product, these articles turned my focus over to movies and real examples of criminal activity. I had to research heisting films and present ten of them which I felt would get people in the mood for a bank heisting game, as well as look into how the heist movie genre was defined in the first place. The real heists article had me looking across news sites for heists that were particularly interesting, creative, or even strange in their inception.

The Perfect Cornish Smuggler Evening and Uses for Terralith (PDF File)

This assignment had me talk about two of Grublin’s previously released products, Cornish Smuggler and Terralith.

Cornish Smuggler is about being a smuggler in 16th Century Cornwall, helping to get contraband to the locals without being caught by the law enforcement. The article was to discuss how to set up the ‘perfect evening’ to play the game, including setting the mood as if it were a 16th Century pub, eating Cornish foods, and speaking in Cornish slang. With the help of the Cornwall-based editor I worked with, we both created an article that captured the true Cornish spirit of the game!

Terralith are a range of metal die, designed to look good while also producing reliably random results. The article was to highlight the fact that these dice can be used as a great-looking asset in any game that requires them. Therefore, this article explores multiple dice-heavy games that could be enhanced with the unique look of Terralith. The editor also encouraged me to think of some strange yet humorous uses for the dice.