Listverse is a website dedicated to hosting (surprise!) list-based articles. Unlike some list websites, Listverse doesn’t always publish ‘Top 10’ lists — most of the time, they’re collections of ten items that have some sort of interesting or curious theme to them.

I’ve been submitting article ideas for Listverse since August 2015, and still submitting to this day. What I love the most about Listverse is that they don’t focus on what people stereotypically associate list-based articles with — clickbait titles, celebrity gossip, asinine topics, and so forth. The editors behind Listverse are a (rightfully so) picky bunch, and boring topics won’t make it past their steely judgement. As such, when working with the editors, I had to really step up my game with the ideas I pitched to them. Ideas that didn’t spark great interest and curiosity on the title alone just wouldn’t do!

I have a wide range of lists published on Listverse, all covering various topics. Come over to my author profile and pick out a list you like the sound of, and give it a try. Who knows —  you might learn something new and amazing there!